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PC, Linux & Mac Repair

Our tune up services cover PC, Linux and Mac Repair. Recommended software: PC: Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 10 Linux: Linux Mint 17 or higher , Ubuntu Linux 16.04 or higher Mac: OSX Snow Leopard or higher. Computers rarely come out of the box in a optimum state. Bloatware , shareware and vendor add-ons start you experience robbing your computer of processing power. We suggest having a new computer tune up, then a maintenance tuneup each year after. You own your computer, so you might as well get the most out of it!

Phone & Tablet optimization

IOS , Android and Windows phones often can be quite annoying from time to time. We provide lessons on how to get familiarized with your new phones. Each phone comes preloaded with bloat ware which can slow down your phone or tablet and rob it of precious battery life. Have us optimize your phone or tablet in conjunction with your home PC/MAC/Linux tune ups!

Computer Health MOT

Our tuneup service not only cleans up your software, we check your hard ware. Many times computer parts will fail in stages, many times going unnoticed. Each tune up looks for failing memory, hard drive, internal components and a review of the logs. Having your computer maintained one a year is the key to getting the most enjoyment out of your computer needs. Don’t wait until it won’t boot! Many computer issues can be corrected with the least amount of stress with yearly check ups.

Data Recovery & Backup + Sensitive Data Destruction

Accidentally delete those important photos? Lost your homework for an important assignment? We provide data recovery, but please do not use your computer until those files have been recovered! Don’t throw out your old PC without sensitive data destruction services. We have 3 methods of sensitive data destructions to keep your deleted photos, business records, credit card into, cookies deleted permanently. Call us when you need to make sure your sensitive data stays private!

Software/Hardware Installation

Having trouble getting your new software installed? Buying a new wi-fi printer with only pictures to aid installing it? Well we can help. We will install and set up your new hardware so you do not have to guess your way through all the commotion.

Custom PCs and Hardware

Visit our Store for custom parts and computers.
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